Maharaja Luxury Tents Kumbh Camp India Tents

KUMBH CAMP INDIA offers, 50 Maharaja Luxury Tents,.The Maharaja Luxury Tents have been beautifully designed by our in-house designers who have taken care of the minutest details. Aesthetically done furniture with beautiful Sanganeri Block Printing interiors are waiting to greet you at Holy Place Trimbakeshwar During Kumbh Mela 2015. Last but not the least our Maharaja Tents are all Eco-friendly, fully secured, Fire resistant, water proof, and Lockable.

Each Tents Is Equipped With The Modern Amenities and Surrounded by Beautiful Landscape and Campus Is Easily Walkable To Main Bathing Ghat Kushavat Ghat.

KUMBH CAMP INDIA have beautifully and elegantly decorated tents covering 20x12 centre room with wooden furniture 10x6 Sitting Area With Relaxing Chairs, 10x6 attached bathroom equipped with modern amenities.

  • AC Luxury
  • Furnished
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